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Multifamily In Mesquite, TX

Overview :

Pine Oaks Apartments is a multifamily investment opportunity located in Mesquite, TX. This property offers a promising investment with a strategic location off Hwy 80 and a focus on value-add improvements. The project benefits from favorable financing at a low 4.89% fixed interest rate for 6 years, along with a strong sponsor/GP commitment of 20%.

Key Features :

– 13% Target IRR

– 6% Average Target Cash on Cash

– 5-7 Years Hold Period

– Strategic Location: Located in Mesquite, off Hwy 80

– Favorable Financing: Low 4.89% fixed interest rate for 6 years

Opportunity Zone Fund III

Overview :

Our Opportunity Zone Fund diversifies your investment portfolio into single and multifamily homes, and high growth transitional land. This fund helps you defer recognition of capital gains tax of original investment. Target ARR is 18-20% with a hold period of 10 years.

Key Features :

– 18-20% Target ARR

– $50K Minimum Investment

– Defer Capital Gains

– 7% Preferred Return

Income Fund II

Overview :

Our Income Fund invests in attractive opportunities to generate consistent cash flow. This includes carefully selected real estate such as medical offices, government offices, mobile parks, gas stations and trade finance opportunities. Target ARR is 11-13% with an 8% p.a. preferred return, distributed quarterly.

Key Features :

– Target ARR of 11-13%

– Long-Term Leases

– Annual 8% Preferred Return and Quarterly Distributions

– Stable Income

– Flexible Withdrawals

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