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SuMa Monde Kapital Partners is a premier real estate private equity firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Partners of SMK have acquired over 6,300+ acres of transitional land, medical offices and multifamily projects  across the U.S. and are investing in real estate projects including retail, multi-family, hospitality, office, residential, land and mixed-use developments.

Leveraging our extensive network, we source off-market deals and offer local expertise for strategic acquisitions. Our rigorous due diligence ensures informed decisions, while our asset management expertise maximizes property value through timely maintenance and strategic financial planning.

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Opportunity Zone Fund III

Defer Recognition of Capital Gains

Our Opportunity Zone Fund diversifies your investment portfolio into single and multifamily homes, and high growth transitional land. This fund helps you defer recognition of capital gains tax of original investment. Target ARR is 18-20% with a hold period of 10 years.

Income Fund II

Stable Income, Flexible Withdrawals

Our Income Fund invests in attractive opportunities to generate consistent cash flow. This includes carefully selected real estate such as medical offices, government offices, mobile parks, gas stations and trade finance opportunities. Target IRR is 11-13% with an annual 8% preferred return distributed quarterly.

Current Holdings

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Our Founders

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, passion and a craftman’s expertise, our Founder’s vision is the heart and soul of SuMa Monde Kapital Partners.  Though they each have an unique background, they leave behind a track record of success. They both share a relentless dedication to innovation that fuels our creativity and drives our success.

Karan Negi

Managing Partner

Sudhir Pai

Managing Partner

Focus Areas

Our Portfolio Segments

Transitional land is a finite resource with a steady demand for food production and renewable resources. Additionally, the U.S. government offers tax incentives for agricultural investments, further enhancing the value proposition of farmland ownership. Investing in transitional land also allows investors to expand their portfolios beyond traditional asset classes and can provide a stable source of income through leasing to farmers or through production of crops.

Investing in medical offices in the U.S. presents a significant opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, and demand for medical facilities is increasing due to the aging population and advances in medical technology. Medical offices, provide stable, long-term investment returns, often with attractive rental yields. Additionally, the government provides incentives for investing in healthcare.

Investing in multifamily real estate in the U.S. presents a promising opportunity. With the growing demand for rental housing and limited supply of housing due to slowdown in construction, multifamily properties offer a stable cash flow, attractive returns, and a hedge against inflation. The strong economy and population growth provide a stable foundation for long-term real estate investments, and the multifamily market has shown consistent growth over the years.

Investing in commercial real estate provides the potential for long-term income and capital appreciation. Commercial properties can include mixed-use buildings, retail spaces, warehouses, and more. By purchasing a commercial property and leasing it out to businesses, investors can generate rental income that can provide steady cash flow. In addition, commercial real estate has the potential for capital appreciation, as property values can increase over time. With proper due diligence and market research, investing in commercial real estate can provide a solid return on investment and a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Investing in lot development involves acquiring undeveloped land and preparing it for residential, commercial, or industrial use. This process includes zoning, surveying, and installing necessary infrastructure such as roads, utilities, and drainage systems. By transforming raw land into build-ready lots, investors can significantly increase the property’s value. Lot development offers the potential for substantial returns, especially in growing markets with high demand for new construction. Through strategic planning and effective management, lot development can offer both short-term gains and long-term capital appreciation.

Investing in the hospitality sector includes acquiring and managing properties such as hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals. This type of investment offers the opportunity to generate significant revenue through daily rentals and additional services like dining, events, and recreational activities. The hospitality industry benefits from consistent demand driven by tourism and business travel, making it a resilient investment choice. With strategic location selection and exceptional property management, investors can achieve robust income streams and property value appreciation. 


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